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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Something I don't understand. Take a look at ://

Indicative Gross Monthly Starting Salary* - Management Executive (MX) (Policy and Strategy, Corporate Development, Operational Management, or Service Delivery)

Up to $3,260

It means max start is only $3.2K even for FCH. But why it seems that everyone in this forum get at least $4K start (based on older posts)?
for fch (male), they can usually expects around 3.5 to 3.8k.

for engineers or other specialist tracks they r usually paid higher as well. for eg, fch engineers can expect a low 4k in engineering related roles. for statisticians with DOS, they r paid more through better bonus.

uniform groups, needless to say, r very well paid. Even for civilian positions within such organization r being paid a premium. eg. commercial affair officers are paid up to 4.3k

teacher is another well paying job. a fch earns about 3.8k

there are also various professional schemes such as economist and legal officers which pays >4.8k and >5.6k for fch respectively.
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