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I'm currently on an annual average of 16 months salary (including VB + AWS). My new job offer (a contract position) does not pay any VB, so I asked for a 25% annual package increment.

The recruiter computed the new monthly salary using the formula (16 months + 25% increment) / 12, and told me this will result in a 50% monthly salary increment, which is way off the market rate. He advised me to accept a lower amount.

Is he trying to bullshit me? Or my expected package is really off the mark?
I found myself in the same position as you. I told the recruiter that I won't accept less since I'm consistently getting a 17-18 month package for the past few years. This would translate into a 50-60% monthly increase if salary is calculated over 12 months for the role I was applying for. Recruiter relented and I was selected for the interview... now waiting for the outcome.
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