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NTU Fresh Grad too!
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I would say there're more doors that are still waiting to be opened for you, and for me, in the private sector. I did IA at one of the stat board and I found the job was simply unexciting, totally not challenging, and everyday life was cruelly boring, to the point that I took leave once or twice a month, so I only got a B grade for the attachment -.-"

By the way, I simply have a Pass degree. Yet, I was offered a 45K annual package, which is incredible considering my GPA/CAP, working in a foreign MNC. I was very happy that the company recognised my effort spent in participating in CCAs and part-time jobs, and offered me a great package based on my potential and capabilities, rather than grades alone.

Thus, knowing how profitable oil/gas/chemical industry is and how a salesperson's earning is highly dependent on performance (i.e. hitting/going beyond sales target), you can prove yourself worthwhile to the company in your own way... can you do that as a police officer?

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