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Hi there.

I am also a fresh NTU grad. It sounds like you graduated from engineering? Anyways I have been working for just over a month now (started on 1st June) and I'm getting 3k in a US MNC. I am not sure about SPF, but when I was job hunting, the thought of being in the public sector never crossed my mind, because I knew that even though I had a 2nd upper, there would always be a scholar who would promote faster than me.

After 1 month of working here, I feel that actually being in the public sector isn't such a bad thing. In my company, I work at least 12 hours a day. My basic pay plus transport allowance plus overtime probably wouldn't match what I would be getting in the public sector. However, in terms of opportunity in career development, I still think that being in the private sector is much more rewarding. My work is challenging and it keeps my mind very active. I am put into situations which are far beyond my comfort zone. However, I think it must be put into perspective that I am only one month into the job and I myself am unsure if I can take this for a lifetime. Maybe it is possible to enjoy the same thrill of challenges and have a good pay package in another public service division like MAS or something like that.
Does everyone in your company put in 12-hour workdays?

When I was in a government agency, I sometimes put in 100-hour weeks to deliver projects. But only the junior engineers stayed late. The senior guys get the good life. One of them even took regular naps in the office.

I now work in a foreign bank. Again, not everyone works late. It seems more of a choice. If you can deliver good work (and your boss appreciates that), it doesn't matter whether you work later or not.
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