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It's the truth that when you say you're a consultant, nobody will think of Big 4, they will be thinking of Bain, BCG, etc. It's also true that the state of consulting in Big 4 in Singapore is pretty lousy compared to the big names. Maybe it wasn't clear that the discussion was constrained to Singapore only. In US PWC and Deloitte are big names in the consulting biz, but definitely not here in SG. It's common knowledge that Deloitte is usually ranked last in the big 4, yet in US they are one of the strongest. Not very fair to compare the SG "branch" with the US "branch".

All are welcome to join big 4 consulting if you think it's prestigious, don't complain 2-3 years down the road when you realise your pay sucks and first thing people say when you tell them you work in big 4 is "oh, you're an auditor?"
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