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Already shown above. Big 4 is way easier than the real consulting companies because they aren't real consultants.
What do you mean they aren't real consultants? As in they are fake consultants? I would refrain from making such sweeping statements.

Both Deloitte Consulting and PwC Consulting are ranked in the top 6 consulting practices in terms of prestige according to Vault rankings (above the likes of L.E.K, Accenture and Oliver Wyman, mind). MBB dominates the market as strategy houses but by no means are the big 4 not "real consultants".

In terms of difficulty getting in, big 4 consulting practices have a more difficult interview process than the other functions (tax, audit). A couple of them require candidates to go through assessment centres. I wouldn't compare the interview process with the ones in the U.S. but I don't believe they are by any means 'easy' in any case.

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