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Sorry but I'm not getting the logic here, hope experienced bros can help clarify. So meaning on the first year joining PWC is just 3k x 12 with nothing else? No bonus no aws?

I mean I'm a bit shocked that a Big 4 can offer such lousy terms that is even worse than SME starting pay. AFAIK even a SIM grad joining a small local firm can get 2.5k x 12 + aws + 1.5-2mths variable which actually end up higher than PWC annual.

I know the big 4 emphasize how their increment better, after few years better on the cv to look for other jobs etc. But honestly very shock that it can be so pathetic low at the start. If it's really that bad then I can understand now why so many of uni coursemate majoring in Finance are so desperate to join the banking side even if as back office admin support.
The big4 treat the mass hiring of low level staff as dispensible, so they never bother to pay high.

Even the supposed "high" and "fast" pay and career promotion isn't that great either. A typical big 4 associate get his manager after 5 year paid around 5k and maybe 1.5-2mths bonus, no aws. That's like 65-70k annual after 5 years, doesn't sound impressive to me either.

A FCH guy with NS fresh grad can join civil service at 4k + merit component + performance bonus easily works out to 16 months which is almost the same as 5 year exp big4 annually.
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