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You have a good retirement plan. It is good to be open minded. The world is our oyster. We are lucky as we are among the richest people on the planet. Not many people know or appreciate how fortunate we are. While billions of people struggle to survive, we worry about whether we can afford to upgrade to a condo.

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Thanks for the advice.
Actually this is our retirement plan:
1. Sell our condo at a very conservative price of $1.3m in 2031.
2. Invest $1.3m cash in a portfolio of investments giving a conservative 4% dividend yield hence giving us $52k pa or $4333 pm.
3. Get monthly payout of CPF Life $3,600.
4. Buy a condo in Penang from our cash savings. We have family and friends there.
5. Our retirement passive income will be $7,933 pm or $95k pa.
6. Convert to RM, we get RM20,625 pm or RM247k pm.
7. We can travel the world with our savings as the expenses will be just RM4k pm for food, utilities and groceries.
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