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It is always good to be hopeful but sometimes one must be realistic. Just like playing toto, you buy some tickets to have some hope but the probability of a strike is so low. Many have been waiting for a big strike from the day they first starting buying toto till their last day but no luck.

Anyway, traffic these two days was very smooth. Took me only 20 - 25 mins to and fro office and home when usually it would have taken me 40 - 45 mins. People still enjoying CNY break?

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Haha, better dont listen to this car salesman advice
COE will continue to drop with massive supplies coming (easily 3x more by July 2015). More and more cars get deregistered, but only 75% of these owners buying new cars due to tighter loan constraint (no more 100% financing) and TDSR.
Heng ah!
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