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Originally Posted by Karlena View Post
Hi, I am about to be offered a position as a Senior network engineer in a US MNC which deals with financial stuff and is a Fortune 500 company.

My question here is what is the working culture like for MNCs? Will we be like 2nd class citizens (and have crap that nobody wants to do thrown at us)?

My current job is with NCS, and posted to 1 of the ministries. I am concerned that I am brain rotting here but then I am 34, and just had a 5 month old baby, so I am quite wary about changing jobs. However I am also financially stable and can tahan without a job for at least 1 year.

Any advice is appreciated as i believe that I am at the crossroads of my life


P.S. I have been looking around the forum but I don't think I seen anyone working in NCS. I am trying to find out what was the average variable bonus that was given to IT professionals around my level, so that I can compare to my (potentially) new job's pay package.

Local US MNCs, from what i know do not offer you US pay packages (obviously) So you are sort of like a 2nd class. Their bonus is not fantastic either, being a 13th month only or so for most MNCs. (us mnc do not believe in 13th month generally ) And is hugely performance based.

I would cosnider staying on if i were you since you have a 5 month old baby now. Not for the money but for the time you will be able to spend with your kid as compared to a MNC. I am sure you can take leave or watsoever quite easily in your current stats board job

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