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On point no.3, promoted to MX11 in third year of service is considered rare rather than the normal. Plus TS has a second lower, slightly disadvantageous in the grand scheme of things. Staying on 5-10 years and getting 2-3 grade promotions is reasonable provided that TS performs slightly better than his peers at his ministry.

On the point about ministries not staying as a career, i beg to differ. To each his own, civil service pays quite well and its stability can be a plus point. One is encouraged to do postings at different ministries to get exposure too.
I don't think getting 2-3 promotions in 5-10 years is the norm. 3 promotions will get you to MX9 which pays more than 10k. You have to be a high flier to reach that level in your mid-thirties. That said, civil servants nowadays are drawing very decent salaries.
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