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Your wife is absolutely right. Our children should not be pampered and must learn to be independent as early as possible. You can help them save from young so that they have some money for their university education. If this is not sufficient, they must find ways to earn money by doing part time work or giving tuition. When I was in Uni last time, I gave tuition to help fund my studies. We should also not be worried about their housing when they get married. They must work and save by themselves for marriage and for the downpayment of their BTO flat. Anyway, BTO flats are so cheap nowadays, they can surely afford to buy a 3 room flat for $150k only, which they can pay over 25 years.

You both can retire easily since you will have your CPF Life which gives you $1800 pm for one person or $3600 pm for two persons if each of you put in $241,500 in your CPF retirement account at 65. You can also rent out your rooms at $1,000 pm for each room and so if you rent out two rooms, you get $2,000 pm from room rentals. So your passive income will be $5,600 pm. A lot of money for a retired couple with no debt.
What about helping my son with a new car? No money, No Honey. Girls nowadays look for guys with cars. Is that true?
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