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30% LTV??? U are v kiasi...
Even our gov stopped at 50% LTV for second housing loan, and in the old days it was 80%LTV no matter how many properties an individual buys.
In general, banks will allow us to keep the property as long as we can still service the monthly loan, it does not matter to the bank by how much the property value crashes as long as the individual can still service the loan.

As long as you can service your loan, banks welcome you like 財神爺. 100 properties also no problem.
What happen if you lose your job, still expecting to use CPF OA to pay for your mortgage?
One is ok, second investment property should make you try to came life insurance (why? commit suicide ma!).
Don't be greedy, be kiasi, think safe, play safe, you and your family will be safe.

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