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You can retire now if you retire in KL. Let's assume you have no kids.

1. Sell your condo and pay off your loan. You get $860k cash balance.
2. Sell your car. You get $90k.
3. Combine all your cash and your investments in a 5% dividend yield stocks. The total amount you invest is = $(860+90+690)k = $1.64m. Your annual dividends is $82k pa.
4. Convert your dividend into RM, you get RM213k pa.
5. You will live rich in KL with RM213k pa.
- rent a 3 bedroom condo in the posh Mont Kiara area - only RM3k pm or RM36k pa
- buy a brand new local car RM60k
- food (eating at restaurants) RM3k pm
- lots of savings

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
We are a married couple in our forties, earning a combined household income of $180k per year. We save $30k per year. Like many grad couple, we own and live in a condominium unit (two years old condo), which is now worth $1.1m and we still have a mortgage of $240k left to clear. Here are the list of our assets:

1. Condo - $1.1m (mortgage $240k left)
2. Car - $90k (fully paid)
3. Cash and CPF savings - $600k
4. Investments - $690k

How are we doing financially? Are we in the middle income group?
Can we retire comfortably? When can we retire?
Can the gurus here please help to advise?
Thank you.
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