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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
is there any engineer in this fricking singapore who is happy with his life , work n money...
hard to believe, but i am! i dont earn much, but im contented with what i have, i can eat 5 times a day (2 of which are snacks), i can buy what i want, i can go wherever i want to go, i play, work hard then play again, got roof over my is not all about money, life is about balance of is about balance of everything which in turn creates something...

just my dime, working in financial company or working in engineering industry are both same dilemma's a "rat race" of different degree!

you want comfort in life? must hit 2 birds in one bullet!
1) go be a smart engineer and learn the tools of the trade,
2) then use your talent and engg experience to build your first business venture
3)then as your venture grow, you gradually progress to its financial aspects

there you go....2 industries with 1 you

thats a smart engineer.

think wozniak!

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