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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi to all the veterans here, would like to seek some advice from you all

I am a recent graduate from NUS, 2nd class lower in Economics(FASS). I have accepted a job offer from one of the ministries here, gross starting pay is 3K including NS increments. Under the MX12 scheme, salary range is $1970 - $5340

I would like to ask the following

1)Roughly How much are the yearly increments? Each increment equates to a rank in the pay grade?

2)How many ranks would there be, in for example, the MX12 pay grade.

3)What would the promotion prosepects be like? Promotion to the next pay grade, MX11?

4)Given that i peform average-ly compared to my peers, where should i see myself in 5-10 years' time?

Sounds like a little ambitious when i haven't started work, but i would like to plan ahead and give myself something to aim for, rather than just work and be lost.

Congrats on getting a job.

1) The increments range from 100 - 200 per year. Depending on your ministry, boss, performance etc.
2) The old scheme has a junior and senior rank per grade but i think with the revised MX scheme they removed it. Check with HR?
3) For normal grads and if you work "normally" you should be promoted to MX 11 in your 3rd year of service (eg after 3 years) if not, time to jump ship my friend

Should you decide to stay 5 - 10 years, you should expect at least 2-3 grade promotions, a section head for your div dept

PS, i was once fresh grad like you, with the same ambitions etc. But really ministries are not staying as a career unless you plan on retireement or start a family (for woman). Good to plan ahead, and best wishes for your first job.

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