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There are two sides to every coin.

Engineering belongs to one of those professions like teaching and taxi driving that are relatively kind to mediocre and poor performers. No matter how bad, even the worst performers will get some income and won't starve.

At the other extreme, entrepreneurs and soccer players earn astronomical incomes but only if they are at the very top of their games. The majority in fact either lose their shirts or starve.

For mediocre to poor performers, engineering represents a relatively safe career option but the problem is of course everyone thinks that he is the best and going to become the next Bill Gates or Messi.
what a moron with load of crap. comparing engineering with teaching n taxi driving. this seems to be a singapore phenomenon where there are no hi-tech companies.clearly, in many advanced countries, engineering is a very good profession.but then afterall, singapore is an asian country. where students choose career paths based on opportunities n money. most slog in their school life to get to college and most likely, do not enjoy their work. and so its natural that they pick fields with money in singapore.

finance n banking is full of engineers.they are those who cant make it big so they switch as soon as possible hoping they will do better there.
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