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I see. Thanks everyone for the constructive comments so far.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Have you applied to any jobs? This kind of "anything-also-can-just-want-high-pay" mentality, I'm not sure if you can get any private sector jobs.
--> I have applied for a few public sector jobs this recent one or two weeks, still waiting for calls for tests/ interviews. And to Unregistered, you are right, that is the problem- my mentality stems from not knowing what exactly i want to do in the private sector. It seems so broad and i don't know where to start looking from ... was looking at several research/brand consulting jobs such as at Milward Brown but realised they are all mostly hiring those with a few years of experience. Then I also considered things like MA which seems like good exposure as we get rotated around different departments, but not too sure of future prospects after an MA. Anyone has any advice?

But being one that values work-life balance and dislike cut-throat competition, from the comments above, i guess the public sector would be better for me? Hmmmm.
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