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Originally Posted by ~cooler~ View Post
But the pay is also a factor.
A balance need to strike between livelihood & interest too.

Anyone working in healthcare GLCs can share more insights regarding the starting pay , pay progression , bonus as compared to statsboard & minstries.

I can't help but to go into HR mode for this, even though I'm no longer in HR.

NHG is semi-privatised, and thus many of their pay schemes follow that of stat boards & ministries, which means your starting pay is derived using a calculated formula. Not sure about the rest of the healthcare GLCs, but NHG typically do not hire fresh grads without experience. Your best bet would be taking a Management Associate position, but that would require at least a 2nd upper honours, and the availability of such positions at the right time.

Sorry to say, it can be very demanding to work in the healthcare industry, given how they are so particular about the standards of quality, especially in the area of operations management. I know a few executives (degree holders) actually failed their probation because they failed to live up to expectations. At the end of the day, getting into healthcare industry is 1 thing, staying in there for long term is another thing.

To quote my ex HR manager, "You have to ask yourself what you want and like to do, and just apply for the position." No point researching for the pay schemes of GLCs just to compare; for all you know, your cousin may end up not even being shortlisted for any interviews at healthcare GLCs.

Degree holder, so what?! No experience. You certainly do not get to choose healthcare, it's healthcare who choose you.
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