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Originally Posted by jklmno View Post
According to this [://[/ , it seems Industrial & System has quite good prospect.
But why it is written down that Computer Engineering has the best salary?
I thought that Chemical Engineering is the best Engineering when it comes down to career according to what I read in

Also, Can I know what does ISE usually do in their lab? Is ISE lab project similar to programming ? One of the main reasons why I have interest in ISE is because I don't like the lab at ME and EE (even if Physics is my best subject)
Computer engineers have extremely high salaries. But the downside is that they have to continue learning and upgrading much more or they will be quickly become irrelevant in the field because computing tech moves much faster than the rest. Not sure why you think chem engineering pays the most, it really depends, if you are a chem engineer and you get into O&G then yes, your pay will be high. But those who dont get into O&G probably earn less than mech or even electrical engineers.
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