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Stop blaming foreigners. If foreginer influx and cheap labor and hard work was the only reason for FT import, then they would do it in all areas and not just engineering. Why would banks not hire cheap labor and make them work more ??? The fact is that Singaporeans do not produce enough number of good-enough engineers.

Look at ur research labs like A-star. I had applied there as a foreigner and the very next day they called me for an interview and offered a job. I was a fresh grad student from NUS. Ofcoz, A-star does not pay that well so I did not go for it. But, where are ur singaporean engineers. Stop blaming FTs. The truth is that singaporean engineers are not capable to earning high salaries. And those who are , go to banking n finance.

The turth is a mediocre engineer can still earn better in finance. Just bcus the salaries are slightly higher in finance sector, does not mean that people are brainier. But to succeed n earn well in engineering, u need to be smart which most local people are not.
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