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In cases where people do not actually make the transition by jumping into shell/exxon, what are the other good company in the same industry to jump to? Like you said, 2nd tier o&g company? I am currently in a 2nd tier o&g company, planning my future for brighter path as the outlook of internal promotion may seem bleak. I am currently in operations, human resouce learning & development. Transfer to other country is not easy for me. Been with this company for 3.5 years and on several attempts request to transfer to other country. Failed all times and i have given up hope.

Yearly increment is little in 2nd tier o&g and after approximately 4 years, my salary is still not competitve enough as my other o&g friends.

Is total internal incrmeent high?
Well your problem is many fold IMHO.

1) First off your package might be low by o&g standards, but they are probably very high compared to most other industries. If you are going to take a similar level job, chances are that besides big banks & pharma companies nobody else can match. But these 2 industries are brutal in culture, fast paced and long hours. Think carefully whether it is worth it.

2) If you are already in a tier 2 company, the only way up really is to get in Exxon or Shell. But I'm sure since you work in o&g industry you should know how hard to secure a role there. It's like a Citi or HSBC guy trying to gate crash into JPM or Goldman Sachs, very few will succeed because the no. of applicants way outnumber the no. of vacancies.

3) In terms of increment budget, Exxon & Shell are the famous evergreens, i.e. no matter what environment they pay big bonus & increment. Same thing can't be said for the rest though. With the current low oil price environment, you jump from 1 o&g to another basically the increment budgets are going to be low no matter what. Try and avoid upstream only players as they are all under massive pressure to cut cost to tide over this oil crisis.

4) Take the plunge into a bigger role but smaller company. Sometimes it works and you can develop a seperate career track, but this is risky as moving down to smaller companies is easier than going back o&g major. If it doesn't work out you could get stuck in these small mncs or local glcs forever.
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