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As a o&g major remuneration is confirm way above other industries. Culture wise very slow and bureaucratic like stuck in 1990s and mobility usually only for technical project engineers or senior manager.

Total is a 2nd tier o&g major together with the likes of Chevron, Connoco & the old BP before they got into trouble. Many see Total AP as a stepping stone to Shell or Exxon, but not many actually make the transition in the end.

If you are coming from other industries or small o&g firm, it is a good place to go for better CV & pay. If you are from Shell or Exxon, then better to stay unless the Total job is much bigger.
In cases where people do not actually make the transition by jumping into shell/exxon, what are the other good company in the same industry to jump to? Like you said, 2nd tier o&g company? I am currently in a 2nd tier o&g company, planning my future for brighter path as the outlook of internal promotion may seem bleak. I am currently in operations, human resouce learning & development. Transfer to other country is not easy for me. Been with this company for 3.5 years and on several attempts request to transfer to other country. Failed all times and i have given up hope.

Yearly increment is little in 2nd tier o&g and after approximately 4 years, my salary is still not competitve enough as my other o&g friends.

Is total internal incrmeent high?

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