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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
many people don't have passions. you sound like the stupid teacher recruitment ad on tv - "mr siva always asked me: what IS your passion..."

wtf? what passion does a kid have? you go ask the kids around you and you'll probably get these answers: psp, tv, ben10, winx club, soccer, kfc, mcdonalds, anime, jay chou and lady gaga.

passion my foot.
Yes you are right. And I am sorry to say that we are breeding a whole generation of kids who goes for instant gratifications.

As a kid, I built Legos, write computer programs in BASIC and build scale models. I suck at it, but by doing these, understand the fun in creating, building and trying new things. Nowadays, just pop in a disc, you have video games.

I asked the kids, hey you guys play these stuffs everyday, have you ever thought of making something like this yourself? Nope, they reply, I just want to play them...

And so with this, coupled with the fact that the companies in this country treats engineers as being a dime a dozen, we have none left.

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