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Anyone know what might be the starting pay for female, 24yrs, fresh grad with 1st class hons from recognised Oz uni, for the psychologist position. Does MINDEF normally offer salary that is commensurate with experience + qualifications or will it be base don expected pay?

Also, I have to wait about 3 weeks to take my psychometrics test and I understand from reading other posts that the overall process is about 3-4 from application to job offer. Was just wondering if it is possible that if I manage to get through all rounds *cross fingers*, that the vacancies may already have all been filled up by then? I saw someone posted went for third round interview then told no more vacancy.

Finally, anyone knows the full process for psychologist position? after psychometric test, how many rounds of interviews + any written tests? what kind? before job offer.

Thanks in advance to any kind soul who can provide some advice!
Distance or on-campus? Exact uni? I can tell you that mindef throws alot of applications in the bin very quickly. Especially for jobs with high number of applications like defence psychologist or defence policy. I do my share of shredding everyday. Yes, these applications need to be literally shredded so that sensitive info wont be leaked out. DL degree holders without anything more than 5 years exp get binned without my boss even looking at it. For on-campus Oz we usually stick to the top 3. Being ANU, Umelb and Usyd. The rest gets thrown out most of the time.

Im an NSF clerk working for a certain dept. Though it might not be the same dept that you applied for. I'm not too sure if my place is the only one that deals with psychologists but I highly doubt so.

If you're applying at this time, you have better chances. Usually if we get tons and tons of applications during the May period like last year, everything gets thrown out other than local universities. There are no oxbridge/harvard or top ivy schools that apply for psych jobs either from what I've seen so far. There were tons of Oz uni applicants that had to be thrown out though. Especially Distance-Learning ones. There are just too many applications for a very limited number of jobs, sometimes 4-5 openings can get around 100 applications. So the main groups of applicants are NUS/NTU/SMU. Oz on-campus and Oz-distance learning in that order of preference. During this period before graduation, your application might get a good look. But if you apply anytime between May and August, it will be very difficut.
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