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Hi, yupp the entry level one. I understand when they ask for tertiary they also accept diplomas for those so I wonder if the pay is fixed for the position or will commensurate with qualifications?

Unfortunately, I am not a member. I want to register to be a member but it seems one needs some form of referral from current members. I have written in to SPS but as expected they haven't replied. And it takes a whopping 3 mths at a minimum to get approval anyways. On MINDEF side they asked me to go ahead and apply for the position first.
Yeah SPS is pretty much all over the place. I was quite surprised to see that the job advert actually listed SPS membership as a 'requirement' to apply.

I'm not a MINDEF psychologist so I can't help you with your specific queries about pay and interview but I'm quite sure that diploma holders don't qualify for that position and that they only consider good honours graduates from recognised unis.
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