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I see some good outcome of this survey. At least those people who said they would need to work till they die are aware of this. Also a good number of them in the survey also realised that their savings can only last 13 years from the moment they retire. If they stopped at 65, their savings will last them till they are 78.

There are many people, from what I gather from the various posts here, who think they have enough money and can retire early (at or before 55). For these people, the rude shock may come too late when they find that their savings run out even before they hit 65!

So, if you dont know how long your savings can last you, just continue working as long as you can. Dont take the chance.
Agree ! many Singaporeans live by Hand-to-Mouth, hoping CPF will let them live thru retirement. I bet many cant save enough becuz the cost-of-living, or should i say the cost-of-the needs & WANTS is too expensive. Singaporean are too pressurised by peer pressure, must stay bigger house and drive bigger cars than neighbour....

I wait to see how many would survive the coming recession cycle..
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