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Default More Pay and Bonuses for Teachers

Ministry of Education has announced a new scheme of service that more strongly emphasizes the link between pay and performance.

With this new scheme, teachers will be rewarded with performance-based increments and bonuses. The existing salary scheme apparently does not incentivize good performance with its fixed annual increments.

While transiting to the new scheme, a performance bonus "top-up" of 1.25 months, 1 month and half month will be given to teachers with outstanding, very good and good performances respectively. The top-up will be given out in March 2008.

"Eligible" officers will also receive a one-off salary increment of up to 4%.

The new scheme offers "a salary range system with merit increments that are based on ... performance, potential and market wage movements."

The annual packages of good performing teachers are expected to go up by 12% to 18%. For example, an outstanding performer with 3 years of teaching experience will get $65,000 per year.

As for principals on the Superscale 'H' salary grade, a good performer will get $193,000, while an outstanding one will get $218,000 per year.

(With $218k/yr, you make more money than ~95% of resident taxpayers. Use this benchmarking tool to calculate.)

So, if you want to be an educator, aim to be an outstanding principal!

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