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My advise is, to study chemical engineering or mechanical engineering first (if u really wanna major in engineering) in either NUS or NTU. After that, you may choose to pursue a Masters in ISE, which is the most popular graduate programme in engineering.

The undergraduate cohort is the smallest in the engineering faculty. In contrast, the graduate programme is the biggest, where engineers from many fields, ranging from EEE to Mechanical to Physics to Chemical Engineering, congregate. With several years of technical experience under their belt, it is good time for them, usually in their late 20s or early 30s, to learn about costing, project management and quality management. Basically you study many methodology and techniques on how to improve the system.

Graduates with a bachelor's degree in ISE have a hard time looking for engineering jobs cos they don't have the specialised skills and knowledge that each discipline holds. They also cannot compete with banking graduates in the finance industry. Many of them ended up becoming analysts or insurance agents.

As a mechanical engineer myself, I was able to lead improvement projects after attending the M.Sc in ISE course, and thus increase my visibility in the eyes of the management.
I have since left the engineering industry, but I would think that a Masters degree in ISE would give a boost to engineers. It would be able to push them up to junior to middle level management.

And one last thing. At times when I interview job applicants, I would meet some fresh grads (with bachelor's degree) from ISE. They would lament that it is tough for them to compete with engineers and bankers in their respective domains, because they are 'neither here nor there'.

Hope this gives u some added perspectives. Good luck.

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Hi, Can anybody tell me what kind of job Industrial & System engineers usually do and what is their career prospect?

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