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The problem with ah hong is that he retired without passive income. most likely he just had savings and this deplete over time. what ah hong should have done is to buy good quality high dividend yield stocks. the blue chips would have appreciated and by now at 75, ah hong would have been a multi millionaire. if he had invested in US blue chips like in Bershire stocks, he would be very rich today, richer than you and your family combined.

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Contented people don't progress. As a country, as a society, we need people who strive for more, for better life for themselves and their families. Once contentment sets in, society stagnates and declines relative to others.

Let me share with you a story. Back in my old neighborhood in punggol years ago before there was any HDB flats, my neighbor (let's call him Ah Hong) was quite a happening character. Everyone (well, at least among my parents and neighbors of that generation) was in awe of Ah Hong and his "exploits" and knowledge. We were in our teens then and we often heard of our parents talking about Ah Hong and how successful and seemingly wealthy he was. This Ah Hong, we heard, travelled to "Ang Moh" countries and worked there. Neighbors were eager to hear his stories, and so were we children.

When the whole neighborhood was resettled to HDB, Ah Hong and his family got a 4 room flat, did it up nicely and he decided he earned enough and retired. He was 53 years old then. I was just starting my undergraduate studies in NUS after my NS. Initially his savings were enough, and he lived comfortably but as years went by, he kept cutting back on his lifestyle. Now at 75, he is worried his money will run out before his time.

For us and many of our old neighbors, we have since upgraded to condo from our resettled flats. It is important not to be complacent and contentment must be tempered with preparedness especially when it comes to personal finance. Now that life expectancy is higher (Singaporeans are expected to live beyond 85), we must ensure that contentment does not lead us to complacency. Yes, enjoy the fruits of your labour every now and then, but do not stop to strive for better. Again as a society, a country, once you stopped striving, you will be overtaken, and the country will slide back.

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