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Hi all, I'm going to graduate soon and am quite interested in compliance. Can I ask if I need to have a strong background in maths to be able to excel in this field? And also, what other skills would be useful? Thanks for the help!
I doubt Math would be highly regarded in the Compliance field. The optimum major will be Law (Business or otherwise) without question. Banking & Finance is the most common major among my peers too.

On a side note, regarding the questions about when to jump etc. From my personal experience, fresh out of university I got a permanent role at a investment research firm which was a glorified date entry role at a salary of 2.9k. Left after 6 months and joined an American bank's KYC team as a contractor at 3k. Left after 7 months and joined a offshore bank at 3.75k. Jumped to my current bank when my ex manager at the American Bank called me up. 10% base increment and also AWS. Hence, effectively 19.2% increment.

Dont be afraid to jump, do it early on in your career when you're young and relatively junior. Staying stagnant and comfortable will not get you far in terms of salary.

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