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Originally Posted by tastoon View Post
Hi, i have received admission into nus business accountancy, but i am now having second thoughts about the course. The first reason is because i am an analytical and technical person. I love physics chemistry and mathematics.Basically i love numbers and less of management modules which are present in nus business accountancy.

My dream job is to get into investment banking as a market risk analyst. If i may speak freely, is due to its attractive pay.

Hence right now i have difficulty choosing between nus business accountancy, nus mathematics majoring in quantitative finance and nus chemical engineering. I do not mind not getting to investment banking as long as the prospect of my future career is good (for my case, it would mean being able to hit 10k and above at 35 years old or younger).

Please, any advice would be deeply appreciated.
You can hit 10k very easily if you manage to get into investment banking. Salary wise will be very different if you're in market risk, but should (no guarantee) be able to hit 10k at 35 years old.

My opinions are as follow (may not be fully accurate):
- NUS Mathematics majoring in QF: Very difficult to get into IB or Banks in general with a math degree.
- NUS Chemical Engineering: Take this if you want to go for O&G. Major oils (e.g. Shell/Exxon) are attractive place to be in due to their salary and relative stability. However, it'll be competitive and it will not be easily to get into those big names. Salary will not be as high as investment banking.
- NUS Business Accountancy: If you really want IB, this will be your best shot. However, do take note that approx 50% of the curriculum will be management-based modules (e.g. qualitative essay stuffs). It may be possible for a person who is inclined towards quantitative stuffs to score well in qualitative modules, but will be difficult. Even then, it will be very difficult to get into IB. Do a reality check if you fall at least into the top 5% of the cohort. The number of positions yearly will be <1% of the cohort. Not impossible, but very competitive.

Overall, the process to get into IB is extremely competitive. Risk Analyst jobs aren't easy to get into to. Take it at your own risk.

Very importantly - follow your passion. I understand that money is an important consideration. However, the life in investment banking comes with lots of sacrifice. For example, in an average day, you may be required to work from 9am-1am. 4ams aren't uncommon. All-nighters (i.e. 9am-7am, go back for a quick washup and return to office) are possible.

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