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It's a sad day for the medical profession..Young man, u should go join and work for the best investment bank with your computer science degree...Please dnt enter the medicine profession unless u hv the heart to save lives!

Likewise in future if u wan to serve the society, truly work for your fellow citizens...for the betterment of their lives...join e govt...This is what happens when we priorities growth at all cost...we forgot about the basic human nature of caring for each other...the sharing..the helping of fellow brothers in need...our society is very sick...very very sick...everyone only interested to make the most money in the fastest timeframe...n join the WIM...Real sad...whatever our forefathers builds over so many years...WILL BE DESTROYED BY US all in time to come...

For those for r able...please save yourself..migrate if possible otherwise...better not to have any children unless u r sure u can groom them up to be useful person for the society!
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