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My fiancÚ is in the psych field. I'm in social science, trying to break into public policy when I grad soon. MOE takes in those with experience from what I can gather. Even to apply for NIE masters in counselling or masters in applied psych requires applicants to have 2 years of work exp. Unisim might still be untested waters, so my opinion is without any backing. but IMO, unisim grads may be preferred down the line. Lots of govt employees are sent to unisim nowadays to get their degrees. Especially mindef personnel. As the number of unisim grads in govt agencies grow, so will their preference or biasness for them. On top of that, unisim grads have one thing most fresh grads don't, which is experience. They study part-time and have time for a full-time job or at least time for multiple fruitful internships.

My fiancÚ herself interned under MOM, under the statistics division. I've had friends that interned at MHA, under psych. I would be cautious with MHA if I were you. Even though it is a ministry, from what they tell me, its a very very hostile place. MHA is a cesspit. Protocols and directives are all not followed. My friends who interned under MHA had to wrestle with the school and the organisation to get their salaries, which was only given out months after their internship was over. As compared to MOM which was on the dot. Im not sure how and why a ministry is allowed to run in such a way. I guess us humanities/social science people are that disposable.

Govt does sponsor for Masters. But you will usually have to get into a local program. Unless you are an overseas scholar. So you will have to look at masters programs at NUS/NTU and their psych masters programs also happen to be very competitive.
What's your major? Just curious. Speaking of public policy, any opinions on the International Relations masters program at RSIS?

And what area of psych does your fiance work in?

I've done some snooping on linkedin and many government employed psychologists do get to do their masters in the UK, I believe because local psychology masters programs are severely limited - only NIE's applied psych and NUS's clinical program.

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