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Anyone here know about Defence Psychologist recruitment?

I am studying psychology in Australia and graduating soon. Been monitoring job vacancies but have not seen any vacancies for psychologists at all for quite a few months on the DXO they only hire from things like career fairs at NUS or other 'exclusive' channels?
I think I mentioned something about this on this thread a few pages back. Dont bet on getting a psychologist job. Unless you're really outstanding ie. ANU/Umelb/Usyd High distinction honours. There's just too many psych grads competing for VERY FEW psych-related jobs. Yes, I've spoken directly to mindef's career personnel who told me that psychology and defence policy are the two 'hottest' jobs, in her words. Meaning that the ratio of applicants to available opportunities is sky high. Advice? stay in Australia and get experience. Unless you are from on of the top few universities that I mentioned, its going to be hard for you to compete against the local grads. Seeing especially that psych and counselling jobs here are mostly provided by the govt, they will prefer to hire local graduates.

Unless you're okay with working with non-psych related jobs. How are your statistics? Most psych students in sg, especially NTU ones take up around 5-7 stats modules, making them pretty flexible in finding jobs in our data-centric world. Or you could try working in HR like many psych grads do.
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