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ya, the bonus is more or less that way, of cos depending on which year, some years good performance, some years ok only.

but on average 4 months should be the normal. (1.5 months for C grader, mid year 0.5 mth, end of year 2 months,inclusive 13th mth)

so my question is for a 33 yr old male, working in government school, with a 2nd upper hon degree, is the pay $5800 ok?

thinking of going outside to do something else.
My advice to you is to stay put. You are making good money and doing something that's respectable (unlike in the financial industry where ethics is always a problem - despite what they say, when you hear banks giving record bonuses just after being bailed out by governments and taxpayers money, something must be wrong; and how can some banks derive the bulk of their profits from doing financial trading? Providing price discovery and market making are activities that are over valued and over rated.)

Ok, ramblings aside, the money you make is pretty good for your age. If you want to "go outside", what do you intend to do?
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