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This topic is somewhat more interesting than the usual, strikes close to home.

The answer itself is already obvious so there is no point asking really. I would be more interested to know how you intend to increase your own net worth / pay grade if you excluded what your parents have?

Or rather where do you see yourself in your mid 30s?

Originally Posted by icyboy View Post
My family is not exactly rich (In Singapore context at least) but can be considered upper middle class, they do not earn high pay for their age but they make prudent property investments and save alot. My parents have 2 condos in Singapore, a holiday home overseas and 2 cars. However, I am only earning 2k/mth (soon to be increased a little) and I am in my mid 20s.

My other friends earn a range from 3k a month to close to 5 figures a month. I envy their huge salaries and spending power (Compared to mine at least), while they envy my family assets as most of them live in HDB. Which begs the question which situation would you rather be in? I think most of you would choose mine but it really feels insignificant to earn 2k only...

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