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Originally Posted by Gunner Boy View Post
Hi all,

I have an Engineering Degree in local uni and have 5 years experience in Engineering sector. I'm thinking of a mid-career switch to accountancy and taking an acc degree / ACCA.

What are my career prospects if I do so?? Should ACCA be the choice for me?
I have not taken ACCA so am not sure about the syllabus. But I am sure it will take up at least a good 2-3 years in acheiving it.

A fresh graduate in a big four accountancy firm is only drawing 2+k but the yearly increment can be substantial like 400-800 per year. I am not sure if Big 4 will take you in, or offer you at what kind of level. A lot of hard work and I will only advise if it is your passion.

I think you should assess what skills you are good at - are you good with numbers, a detailed person, able to handle tight deadlines, work long hours? These are essential for accountancy.

As this is your mid-career switch, better make it right, there might not be many chances to switch careers. Talk to more people, network a bit, and dare to reach out (dont be Paiseh or shy to speak to friends' friend or even distant relatives)

Also, keep an open mind as well. There could be some lateral moves that you can even consider - like teaching, consulting, working in public sectors. Of course, careers switches to Banking & Finance can be lucrative but poses its challenges to get your foot in. Keep us updated and good luck!

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