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Default induction/on-boarding procedure

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What level are you joining at?

For Partners & above usually there will be a HR Manager in charge and she will walk through with you the overall induction plan and arrange the key local business stakeholders sessions for you. For regional/global roles someone from hub will also contact you to make arrangements on videocon / physical overseas engagement sessions.

For Directors and below, HR will just spend 15min on a group session with whoever also joining that day at the start go through some basic procedures and leave you with your department. Then really is up to how your department care, but most of them IMO quite disorganized or too busy so don't expect to be be led step by step.

There will be emails sent by HR to you to attend all sorts of compulsory sessions and e-learning in the next 6 months. AFAIK no fixed dates, so just sit back and work and when the invite comes accept and report on the stipulated time.
I joined as a Manager in PWC last month and the process was exhausting. Endless forms to fillup for payroll/CPF/insurance, sign in and out for laptop, next raise request for network and male aksecc, find a seat, and next day a litany of training programs on what the company is like, who to reach out in case of ethical dillema, company will not tolerate bullying, etc. Common sense stuff but still needed.

Why should other big4 be any different?

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