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Originally Posted by Smart888 View Post
Currently , bell curve grading is used by statutory board for grading employees, not sure about other sector. This system implied that definitely certain percentage of the employees will fall in the lowest grade (no increment and performance bonus) and some will get the highest grade.

From my opinion, this bell curve system by default assumed that some employees will definitely cannot perform and trust me ,those who fall in the lowest grade will repeatedly get it again subsequently.

Let me quote an example, a job like a clerk, I assumed that he/she work from 9am and knocked off at 6pm sharp daily with just doing data entry. He/she is just doing her job and not doing something extra.With the bell curve grading, this employee will be awarding a low grade with no increment and performance bonus. Do you think this is fair ? This implies that every year she is getting a pay cut due to inflation if the salary stay stagnant.
That is a Chinese saying , 没功劳有苦劳.

What your view?
as an employer, this worker is not making any money for me. why should i give a raise? inflation cost my business expenses to increase as well. if every employee asks for a raise and eat into my profits, why should i take risks and provide services to the public?
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