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Originally Posted by starrxu View Post
How did you jump from $4.2k to $8k in 5 years in the same stat. board? My increment in stat. board is pathetic. Only $173 this year, which comes up to abt 4% only.

Any civil service ppl care to share abt the annual increment you get?
I think the gentleman who jumped from 4k+ to nearly 8K in 5 years mentioned that he was promoted nearly once every year. A promotion moves you up into the next pay grade. However. a pay increment only moves you up to the next rung within same pay grade. It's the consolation prize for you when you've not been promoted, i suppose.

For a Management executive officer on the MX11 pay grade I think the annual increment should be about 200. The pay grade stretches from 5k to 6k, i believe,so that makes it 5 increment rungs within that MX. MX10 begins at 6k, if i'm not wrong.
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