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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I joined a stat board when I was 25 with a pay of 2.6k/mth. (that was 15 years ago), left for private sector at the age of 27 and rejoined a different stat board with a pay of 4.2k/mth when I was 30. I left for private sector again when I was 35. the last drawn pay in that stat. board was about 8k/mth. male singaporean, served NS, graduated age of 23. 2nd upper honours.
How did you jump from $4.2k to $8k in 5 years in the same stat. board? My increment in stat. board is pathetic. Only $173 this year, which comes up to abt 4% only.

Any civil service ppl care to share abt the annual increment you get?
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