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Originally Posted by rampa001 View Post
Hi ! first of all thank you for taking time to reply. I think you didn't fully get my point. I have a part time degree at present ,since I've just completed it i haven't declared it to my present employer. my main concerns are,

1. should i immediately start an MBA in order to make a career switch ?
2. Will an MBA help me in the first place to reach my higher goals ??
you should've done a part-time degree in business and start in operations in a bank and progress from there. what you can do now is to try to get into a good MBA school - and what i mean is insead and chicago booth types. if you go for SMU, NUS, NTU or any of those lesser foreign programmes, my concern is that your prospective employers may think you are "over qualified" for ops & support positions and yet under qualified for BA positions, and you'll be stuck. alternatively, you can do CFA part-time and enter the fund management industry, or just do sales (which can be very very lucrative).
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