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Hi ! I'm a Poly grad with 3yrs experience working as an Assistant Engineer in the semiconductor field. I have recently completed a part time degree in electrical Engineering form a Australian University. Although I have not yet declared my new degree qualification I'm able to reach a gross pay of about 3.5K consistently. My problem is I don't see a future in making this salary grow , because in the engineering field salaries are low (compared to banking & finance). I'm currently in a dilemma ,weather to do a MBA or an MSC to help me grow up the ladder and to increase my pay.....My real passion is for engineering but Singapore doesn't seem to have any prospects so I'm thinking of career change also ......can some one plz advice me. Thx in advance
One thing I think we all know is that you need a DEGREE. Without a basic degree, you will find it hard to enter banks. After degree, you need to change job every 2-3 years to get the pay up. The chances are 99% (1% being promotion) that staying too long in the same company, you will be UNDERPAID.

Of course, a lot of housing agents, insurance agents who are very successful have no basic degree, but I feel since you are young, you should get one before going for MBA or MSc.

If I am an employer, I wont employ someone with poly + Masters without the basic degree.

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