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You can both retire and set up a charity to feed the poor and needy around the world. You should use your wealth for the benefit of mankind. Too much wealth is not good for you. Lead a humble and simple life.

Originally Posted by seekingadvice999 View Post
inherited wealth from parents
a fully paid up terrace (FH)- valuation abt 3.5mio
a fully paid up 99 year condo (currently renting out @ 3.5k pm) valuuation abt 1.5mio
inherited cash - 1.5mio
inherited investment (mf, equities, bonds) - 1 mio

staying in a FH terrace (with a loan of 1mio)
own cash -1 mio
own investments (mf, equities, bonds , fx) - 1mio
income - 350k pa
2 cars - fully paid

husband & wife
age: mid 30s
we are lost, not sure what to do with the sudden inherited wealth......any suggestions.
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