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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
Hi Guys,

23 year old
Project Manager(Call centre)
First permanent job
working for 15 months
monthly income 4k-8k+

Holds a diploma in IT
Dropped out of Uni twice to concentrate fully on work

Recently applied for 5 room HDB for 345K

The thing is, for the past 6 months or so, I have been spending my money without thinking, buying useless stuff like luxury goods and I realized it's time to stop. As such, I currently only have a savings of 2K.

After reading through this and several other forums, finally decided that I need to start investing young. Planning to save up 10K within 3-4 months.

Do you think I should go back and complete my degree? My pay is expected to raise steadily but it will probably stop growing after I hit 10k/month.

A lot of my friends(graduates) working for MNCs and earning significantly lower than me are telling me that my job experience in an SME would be useless if I ever want to job hop. No one would give chances to someone who has only worked in an SME before.

Is it wise to stay on for the next say.. maybe 5-6 years in this comfort zone of drawing this kind of salary or should I just complete a degree in finance and move to banks? Because from what I can see from strictly my own personal view, there are alot of people who are 30+ and earning only like maybe 4k-5k per month.
Build on your experience in call centres. Move to a bigger company, and maybe get exposure in a related area such as technical support. Then you have a good chance to work in production support in banks. Support doesn't sound sexy, but it pays well, sometimes very well.

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