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Oh iS it? I had actually get the call this morning from kpmg for their internship program cos their audit associate massive recruitment is in August. The person told me is a bit difficult to go in Singapore for intern because of the work pass problem. She will get back to me after this. I guess if I go for internship first I stand a higher chance for their graduate program of audit which is is August?

Thanks for your info btw.
Well, I suppose an internship will help in your chances somewhat. But honestly speaking the way they batch recruit every year huge numbers of fresh grads, most of them end up having more than 1 offer from the big 4 anyway. When I left NTU 4 years ago, I had 3 offers from them and I was only 2nd lower honors.

There is this misconception that the big 4 is very prestigious and difficult to get in. The reality is that other than a few specialised management consulting roles, the rest of the entry level associate jobs you really don't need much to get in. In terms stringency in selection, I would rank them even lower than some of the fresh grad hires conducted by local big GLCs.
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