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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
2nd Upper Econs Grad (UK uni) Non-scholar, 30 yrs old. Civil Servant

Drawing $5.3k gross monthly salary (doesn't include bonuses)
Starting pay was $2.9k in early 2007.

In comparison, your increment is much faster than the 28 yr-old-guy who started with $3.3k in 2007. But I guess he will most likely draw $5.3k when he reaches 30 yr-old based on 10% annual increment.

Now, i felt so cheated by HR. They are just using those reasons as excuses for bargaining. Some more, if I am not wrong, there isn't any salary downward adjustment in 2007-2009. HR just wanna take advantage of economy downturn to cut new ppl's salary.

I was earning $5.3k + $500 transport allowance in my previous job in private sector and I would think that this is slightly above "average" among my peers that time.
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