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NTU's corporate side has made a horrible impression on me as an employer.

I applied for a position and very quickly received an email to set up an interview.

First red flag came up early - they set me up for interview date and time without 'asking' about my availability first. I know usually this asking is just a formality but I don't think it bodes well when a potential employer just confirms those details without checking first.

So I travelled to NTU, which is almost like going to Malaysia for people who don't live in Jurong. Then at the interview I was made to do a written test that lasted one hour BEFORE being told casually as if it's the most natural thing in the world, during the interview, that the position I applied for was already filled and they're actually looking for someone to fill another different position, albeit in the same overall department. Nothing wrong with that but at least have the decency to call me and ask if I'm interested in the different position right? Saves everyone the trouble.

And this different position is something I have absolutely zero interest in. Well I was pissed but I soldiered on, trying to be polite and they dragged the interview out for ages, even getting the head of dept to come in halfway, and that person started asking the exact same questions I was asked earlier by HR and the other interviewer. What a waste of time and I even took leave to go down for that sham of an interview.

Not an employer I'd wanna work for.

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