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Originally Posted by George View Post
Top paying firm - depends on what you call top paying and how many people draw such amounts. Many folks in my company (name withheld) draw a mere 2-3k per month. Some draw more than 20k per month, but these are the partners. Most others draw varying salaries (not top paying) and need to jump jobs every 2 years to kepp up with the cost of living.

Training and medical benefits - what is wrong in these? Many companies offer them, including big4.

Yes, many managers/consultants in my company (most from NUS/SMU or other private uni, none from Ivy Legue) work on contracts. Sometimes contracts become regular jobs, other times the contracts simply expire. Some of these are mid-career professionals struggling to make ends meet.
Think some confusion due to the title. TS probably means big4 audit firms and not big4 management consultancies.
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